Ajo Negro Bonrostro - Buy natural and organic black garlic, without additives.

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energy and health

What is the black garlic?

The garlic black is the result of a natural maturation of fresh garlic. The fresh garlic is subjected to a process of slow transformation, without any type of additive, to a high temperature and humidity that eliminate its odor and flavour characteristic, resulting a food of sweet taste with liquorice tones and prune, all wrapped up in caramel tones that make it palate pleaser.

Its healthy properties are increasing through the process while eliminating its characteristic odour and makes it pleasant to the palate. Our recommendation is to take it smeared in a toast with a bit of oil and with a few thin slices of mature cheese or ham. It goes very well with vegetables, meat or fish and makes a perfect marriage with pasta. Palate pleaser.

Exquisite to the palate