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Energy and health

What is the black garlic?

The garlic black is the result of a natural maturation of fresh garlic. The fresh garlic is subjected to a process of slow transformation, without any type of additive, to a high temperature and humidity that eliminate its odor and flavour characteristic, resulting a food of sweet taste with liquorice tones and prune, all wrapped up in caramel tones that make it palate pleaser.

How to use the black garlic in the kitchen?

The black garlic is sweet, aromatic, creamy and soft, nothing aggressive, so it is perfect to give our dishes a subtle and delicate appearance. You can use it as a normal garlic in any preparation, without any problem; on a toast adding the best oil and smearing garlic black with a little touch of salt, and thus, as your imagination suggests.

It behaves with no doubt as an ideal complement for salads and vegetables, and using it in vinaigrettes and dressings to intensify the flavour of our stews or to give a special touch, different and gourmet, as if it were a black truffle.

Why to take garlic black?

The garlic black could be considered a vegetable panacea , the great superfood you can find on the supermarket as a source of energy and health. Garlic black has 18 of the 20 amino acids that exist in nature. Among them we can find the essential 8 ones that we need to bring into our diet to maintain the tone of our body, have strength and the immune system works. It is therefore one of the main sources of amino acids and a natural energizer.


It copes with stress and, due to its high zinc content, helps in depressive states. It purifies the blood and protects the heart thanks to a component, the "s-alil-l-cysteine", which collaborates in the elimination of lipids and cholesterol. In addition to presenting excellent antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Black Garlic has five times more allicin than fresh garlic. Allicin is not essential in nutrition, but it is a great help in the fight against free radicals, which makes it one of the best antioxidants that nature provides us, a fountain of youth. Allicin also works to improve the blood circulation, with antithrombotic effects. Aside from helping the immune system and maintaining clean arteries, allicin collaborates in the prevention of diabetes and the intestinal transit, highlighting its diuretic and depurant qualities.

What are you waiting for? Try to eat from 1 to 3 black garlic cloves per day, your health will improve.